Saturday, January 16, 2021
Planets in Astrology

The 10 Planets in Astrology – At First Glance!

Today we have the technology to poke around the sky, our knowledge and definition of Planets in Astrology has greatly changed, but humanity has not fully abandoned our historical relationship with the cosmos.
Elements Qualities Polarities

Elements, Qualities And Polarities – Shame On Me!

Often overlooked - the Elements, Qualities and Polarities are an integral part of understanding the Zodiac. Collectively they make up the core definition of the Zodiac Signs themselves.
The Basics of Astrology

Discover Astrology – Jump Start To Mastering The Planets

Astrology - “the study of the movements and positions of the Sun, Moon, Planets, and Stars in the belief that they affect the character and lives of people.”
Aspects and Orbs in Astrology

Aspects and Orbs in Astrology – Simply Heavenly

Within Astrology, the relative position of the planets at the moment of your birth is what determines who you are -

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