Thursday, March 4, 2021

Psychics & Tarot

Tarot Beyond The Basics – Review

Throughout my deep dive, I've picked up several books, all of which are strewn throughout my site. In this instance, we will cover "Tarot Beyond The Basics" by Anthony Louis.

How To Shuffle Tarot Cards – 4 Simple Techniques

Before shuffling the Tarot Cards, take a moment to reflect and relax – reading tarot is all about perception. In this state, your instinct will help you choose the perfect cards for your situation.

The Devil Tarot Card

Tarot symbols essential assist in the reader's interpretation of the current situation; they are the conduit between the querent and our higher selves - a divine message or inspiration. In this article, we will cover the meaning of The DEVIL tarot card and its impact.


Numerology 222 – Self, Self, Self

222 - A message from the Angles! Encountering this sequence of numbers works as subtle messages that, over time, we have learned to interpret for advice and even warnings.

333 – Close Encounters Of The 3rd Kind

Walking down the street or in your dreams, have you ever happened upon the number 333? This is a message from the angels telling...

Numerology 11 Meaning – Master Numbers

If we were to summarize the meaning of the number 11 - it would be "Intuition." That being said, no number is that simple, there are a multitude of meanings


Sun Conjuncts Venus – The Good The Bad The Ugly

Sun Conjuncts Venus strive for tranquility and can adapt their behavior to please others and evade dealing with issues indefinitely.

The 12 Astrological Houses – Health, Wealth, Happiness

For the most part, everyone is aware of the concept of signs and planets in Astrology, but did you know that there are 12 Astrological Houses

Elements, Qualities And Polarities – Shame On Me!

Often overlooked - the Elements, Qualities and Polarities are an integral part of understanding the Zodiac. Collectively they make up the core definition of the Zodiac Signs themselves.

Hypnosis & Meditation

Hypnosis And Pain Tolerance – ‘The Hidden Observer’

Ernest Ropiequet "Jack" Hilgard was an American psychologist who proposed that a subject under hypnosis might witness a source of pain without actually feeling it.

Reassuring Reasons why Hypnosis is your Friend

For too long hypnosis has had a bad or 'difficult' press. If a person doesn't understand something they have 3 options open to them.

Meditation For Beginners – Review

I picked up 'Meditation For Beginners' pre-quarantine as a "yeah - I'll get round to that book," I'm glad I did. The chapters were simple and short; there is no heavy reading.

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