The Number 8 stands in representation for the planet Saturn and influences people born on the 8th, 17th, and 28th of any month, more so if their birthday comes between 21st December to 26th January or from 26th January to 19th – 26th February. This period is called the House of Saturn.

Number 8 people are usually misunderstood in their life, and that is why they feel incredibly lonely at heart. These people are very intense and have great individuality. They are known to play an essential role in life’s stage, which can be fatalistic. Often, they are the instrument of fate for others.

Individuals who are religious by nature usually go to extremes and are fanatics. Despite opposition and arguments, they take up any cause which they attempt to carry. Due to this reason, they make several bitter enemies.

number 8

Number 8 people appear to be cold, but in reality, they have warm hearts, especially towards the oppressed class. However, they hide their feelings and let people think whatever they please.

In life, they either reach great successes or significant failures. If ambitious, Number 8 people aim for government responsibility of public life of some kind.

They often hold high positions that involve them to give great sacrifice.

When looking at it from a worldly standpoint, anyone born under this number is considered to be fortunate. These people are also often called on to face huge losses, humiliations, and great sorrows.

Their lucky colors are all shades of grey, black, purple, and dark blue. If these people wear something that has light colors, they would look uncomfortable or awkward.

Saturday is the most important day for Number 8 people and Number 4 has secondary value in their lives. Important days of the week for Number 8 people are Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. Therefore, they should carry out their plans on these days and on days that fall under their number, which is the 8th, 17th, and 26th of any month, especially if they fall between 21st December to 20th-27th January to 19th-26th February.

Their interchangeable number is 4, so the 4th, 13th, 22nd, and 31st of any month are also considered good for them. Number 8 people feel that they are different and distinct from other people. They are often misunderstood, and that is why they feel lonely at heart. They hardly reap the rewards of their doings in this life, but their work is praised after their death.

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